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We create and style food to enhance your products.


Food Photography

We make irresistible photo's.


Recipe Development

We'll write recipes using your products.


Concept Developement

We'll provide the culinary expertise you need for your new project.

We love to create scenes that evoke a feeling of familiarity, and do that with a simplistic aesthetic therefore the focus is always on the food. We only use props that will add depth to images, complimenting your product rather than distract.

Working with our in house photographers or hiring photographers to specialise in the style you are going for, we love to capture moments that revolve around food. Our aesthetic is minimal and impactful, focussing only on that which is essential within the frame.

With a combination of culinary training and years of experience working in kitchens, we are methodical, yet creative. We’re able to develop, write, and test recipes whilst considering the needs of our clients, and the guidelines of your brand. Whether it's producing content for your social channels, highlighting your product or even writing a cookbook, we can help create dishes that are fresh, seasonal, and delicious.

Do you have an idea, project or product relating to food? Let us work with you to think of how we can make this a reality. We have years of expertise working alongside, restaurants, catering companies, food entrepreneurs from menu planning to product development.  

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